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All of my mother sisters have daughters. I am 23, which makes us all years apart from each other. Interestingly enough they both passed on the 17th which is interesting; they were also a few years apart in age.

My grandmother had more than one issue with her health. My grandparents then moved to Georgia where they raised my parents there. My uncle too followed suit and had a mild stroke. Conclusion This genogram project has made me aware of my family ties and relations.

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I did realize that I sull have some things to work on within myself. My parents even though married for so long, have marital issues that are hostile. My cousins Amanda, Ashley, Emily, Sarah and myself have green eyes. My uncle was an athlete in his youth days and even represented the country at one of the national events.

Uncle Robert, April, Alesha and Katherine are the only members with brown eyes. My mother has taken on the role my grandmother had; causing her to have a lot of stress on top of the daily issues at home. Both of my grandparents, my aunt, father, uncles, cousins, sister and myself are all naturally brunette.

My sister is close with my father; but I feel it is only because she is the first born. Due to World War II, my grandfather dropped out of high school and joined the Navy and my grandmother dropped out of high school to go to work. Another example is everyone being Dominican and being born and raised in that country.

There are various medical characteristics in my family. Bi-polar diseases, heart disease, diabetes, height and gallbladder issues are some of the medical conditions affecting my family. In addition, my grandmother is 78 now and is almost 20 years apart from my grandfather. My sister and brother look alike and look just like my mother.

His brother and sister, that is, also suffer from diabetes but are still alive and kicking. My sister does not live with us because she married at the age of My parents were arguing very much and that really affected all of us.

Most of my uncles, grandparents and aunts also have blue eyes. My mother is the youngest of the 11 children my grandmother had. My grandmother, mother, sister and Cousin April all have the exact same personality.

It is a blood disorder that does not allow our blood to thin out natural as it should. In my family, the pattern for parents was to work. They love to have all the attention on them and love to dress up no matter where they are going.

Genogram Essay

She still wanted me to say hi to him after everything he has done. Everyone in my family, especially the immediate families have a dominant eye color. My uncle used to live with my grandmother. This mixture of families and new offspring brings in new genes and family characteristics. My father and my aunt with the college degree are the only ones married out of the 6.

Genogram Narrative I come from a rather large family - Genogram Essay introduction. My father and mother are both the youngest of four children.

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My father and mother are. Genogram Paper In the midst of memories within a person’s childhood, one cannot truly find out everything at a young age. Using a genogram however, allows me to figure out more about my family.

Family Genogram Docment Essay Sample Introduction After full length research and discussions with my relatives, I found out that we all shared certain similar characteristics. "Example Of A Genogram" Essays and Research Papers Example Of A Genogram PSYC Genogram Project A genogram is a type of family tree, but with more detailed information.

“The genogram Is a tool used to collect and organize important data over at least three generations (Bitter, Long, & Young, ). This is a great way to let the. Genogram: Family and Grandmother Essay Words | 6 Pages.

Family Genogram Project Liberty University Family Genogram Project The purpose of a student construing a genogram is to help a student gain an understanding of his/her family background.

Genogram essay example
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