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It was horrid to watch from the shore the glaring upturned eyes of the Twice essayed wretch, as his long streaming hair lay back upon the wave.

They had done for his dogs, but this man alone seemed to be a match for them all.

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I can never, however, watch the doing of that work without thinking much Twice essayed the agonising struggles of the poor beast whose last refuge is being Twice essayed from over his head. But, though the old man had been from the first averse to the match, his hostility had not been active.

At the sight of his own blood, whose peculiar colour, you remember, was offensive to him, the sword fell from Hook's hand, and he was at Peter's mercy. Unluckily, before they had come hither, it had been taken round the headland to a place among the rocks, at which a government skiff is always moored.

He grew up in an age when the finest Persian literature had already been written, and in the shadow of the reputation of his distinguished fellow-citizen, Sheikh Sa'di d.

The corner of her mouth, where one looks first, is almost withered up. With the instinct and with the timidity of a beast, his impulse now was to escape, and he hurried away back to the road and to his lair, leaving the three women together in the cottage.

Since then, better defences for Black have been developed, and this line is considered to slightly favour Black. Three days afterwards his body was found at the ferry, and then they carried him to the convict island and buried him.

When a month was over he had not been retaken, and the officers of the prison began to say that he had got away from them in a vessel to the States. If indeed they could be separated - if Morton could once make himself free from that embrace into which he had been so anxious to leap - then indeed there might be a hope.

A hand was put forth, a pistol fired, and Caleb Morton still clinging to a corner of the rock with both his arms, was seen to falter. And yet she could scrutinise his features, form, and garments, so as to carry away in her mind a perfect picture of them.

With him she seemed to be perfectly safe; but the moment he was away she could see Aaron Trow's eyes gleaming at her across the room. You also would be like a tiger if you had fasted for two days, as I have done. Hafiz is one of the rare poets capable of expressing the lovers' grief, the feelings of burning butterflies, a candle's sigh and a nightingale's love with great eloquence.

The meek Presbyterian minister had been a preacher, preaching ways of peace, and living in accordance with his own doctrines.

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Very few films in history rank total perfection; this is one of them. Now it seemed as though he must sink again - as though both must sink.

She had risen from the floor when Trow left her, and had even followed him to the door; but since that she had fallen back into her father's old armchair, and there she sat gasping not only for words, but for breath also.

She remembered that she had had the man's hand between her teeth, and by degrees she found his hair still clinging to her fingers; but even then she could hardly call to mind the nature of the struggle she had undergone. Of violence, Aaron Trow had known much in his rough life, but never had he combated with harder antagonist than her whom he now held beneath his breast.

Hook was fighting now without hope. Wealth, as it seems, was destined to elude Hafez grasp, for the age in which he lived was an age of insecurity and sudden catastrophe; but he achieved in full measure the ampler portion of eternal fame, even in lands whose very names were unknown in his day and among peoples speaking a language cognate with his own, yet never imagined in his mind.

His reluctance to return to the cabin impressed them all unfavourably, and the mutinous sounds again broke forth.

The two men had been carried out in their struggle towards the open sea; and as the boat curved in, so as to be as close as the rocks would allow, the bodies of the men were brought within the sweep of the oars. The sound of oars was heard close to them - an eager pressing stroke, as of men who knew well that they were rowing for the salvation of a life.

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Sentence Examples for essayed. In a third tragedy, Love's Sacrifice (acted c. ; printed in ), he again worked on similar materials; but this time he unfortunately essayed to base the interest of his plot upon an unendurably unnatural possibility - doing homage to virtue after a fashion which is in itself an insult.

How to use essayed in a sentence is shown in this page. en "However, none of the German States could be induced to cross the Rhine, since ""they had twice essayed it,"" they said, ""in the war with Ariovistus and in the passage of the Tenchtheri there; that fortune was not to be tempted any more."".

Product Page: () Firmware Version: Hardware Version: Bx Two times; once and again."He twice essayed to cast his son in gold." [Dryden.] Doubly; in twofold quantity or degree; as, twice the sum; he is twice as fortunate as his neighbor.

He twice essayed to cast his son in gold. (Dryden) 2. Doubly; in twofold quantity or degree; as, twice the sum; he is twice as fortunate as his neighbor. Twice is used in the formation of compounds, mostly self-explaining; as, twice-horn, twice-conquered, twice-planted, twice-told, and the like.

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